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Mayfair Apartments Price Details

Tellapur, Hyderabad

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Price Details

Mayfair apartments homes provides 2bhk and 3bhk residences with the best dimenisions and affordable prices of Rs. 5050/- per sft for west facing and Rs. 5150/- per sft for east facing. As per Sft prices the luxurious 2bhk comes within 63.68 Lakhs and the 3bhk within 88.42 Lakhs. Everyone deserves to lead a luxurious lifestyle homes Bringing luxury to all the residents is is main goal. these project price ranges between Rs. 63.68 Lacs to Rs. 1.07 Crores.

Unit Type Size Price Per Sqft Basic Cost
2 BHK 1261 Sqft (West) Rs. 5050/-(West) 63.68 L
2 BHK 1261 Sqft (East) Rs. 5150/-(East) 64.94 L
3 BHK 1751 Sqft (West) Rs. 5050/-(West) 88.42 L
3 BHK 1825 Sqft (West) Rs. 5050/-(West) 92.16 L
3 BHK 1825 Sqft (East) Rs. 5150/-(East) 93.98 L
3 BHK 2083 Sqft (West) Rs. 5050/-(West) 1.05 Cr
3 BHK 2083 Sqft (East) Rs. 5150/-(East) 1.07 Cr
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